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In early 1968 Kaleidoscope backed Larry Williams & Johnny "Guitar" Watson on a remarkable, if little-heard experiment in psychedelic soul, the single "Nobody." The following account of the session by Chris Darrow is taken from interviews Richie Unterberger conducted for his book "Urban Spacemen and Wayfaring Strangers."

contents copyright 2000, Richie Unterberger

"We had gotten to know Larry Williams, 'cause he was A&R director at the time at OKeh. He and Johnny Guitar Watson were like best friends, and they showed up at the session with matching coupe de villes, matching suits, and matching hats, with chicks on their arm... One of the cars was chocolate brown, and the other one was like deep burgundy. And the suits were deep burgundy, and the suits were chocolate brown... It was a really beautiful session. The guys were really nice to us. They really liked us an awful lot. We were treated with respect. I think it was pretty right-on that they brought in their own drummer, and I was very pleased to be able to be the bass player on it. David and Solomon were the two other--David played the harp guitar, and Solomon played saz. Chester didn't get to play on that one, which was really too bad... I think John Vidican ended up playing some percussion. But even the major conga stuff in there, I think, is Larry. I think the song's a great song, I always loved the song. They wanted to be psychedelic R&B. They thought it was natural. They just said, this is natural, man, this fits great. And I thought it did too."

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