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2/04 A Kaleidoscope Discography

In response to requests, a discography of the original US/UK album & single releases now available here. (The various reissues & compilations to be added later.)

2/04 New Brave Old World CD Released

The respected Klezmer group Brave Old World, featuring ex-Kaleidoscope member Stu Brotman, have released their new live recording, Bless the Fire. Sound samples and information available here.

2/04 Kaleidoscope Compilation Due from Collectables

In March, Collectables will issue Beacon from Mars & Other Psychedelic Side Trips, a repackaging of the Epic collection, Egyptian Candy. Track listing & preordering information available here.

2/06 Ptolemaic Terrascope #34

On the occasion of the Taxim reissue of When 'Scopes Collide, the latest issue of Ptolemaic Terrascope contains an article on Kaleidoscope by Barry St. Vitus. For the article, the author interviwed Solomon Feldthouse, Chris Darrow, Chester Crill & Stuart Brotman. Apparently, the PT website is already sold out of Issue #34. It can, however, be ordered from the Freak Emporium.

1/06New Kaleidoscope Compilation On Sale

Evangeline Recorded Works Ltd. has released the 3CD set Pulsating Dream: the Epic Years 1/26. All four Epic albums & all singles are included, along with assorted rarites. For further information, click here.

1/04 - When Scopes Collide On Sale

Taxim Records has just reissued the 1976 Kaleidoscope reunion album When Scopes Collide. More info & ordering here.

9/03 - Ugly Things #21

The current issue contains an interview with Richard Crawford, the producer/director of the 1969 film Captain Milkshake, in which Kaleidoscope made their only feature film appearance. Ordering info here.

9/03 - "The Many Faces of David Lindley"

In the Oct./Nov. issue of Dirty Linen, a 6-page interview with Lindley by Michael Parrish. Further information available here, on the magazine's website.

6/03 - Greetings from Kartoonistan On Sale

Taxim Records has just reissued Kaleidoscope's 1990 reunion album. For more information, or to order, click here.

5/03 - Richie Unterberger's Eight Miles High

Just published, the 2nd volume of Richie Unterberger's history of the folk rock movement. (Kaleidoscope, of course, are covered.) Further information, excerpts, and ordering info available here.

4/03 - Captain Milkshake Website

A site devoted to Richard Crawford's 1969 film, Captain Milkshake, in which Kaleidoscope appeared. The film trailer, an interview with the director, and ordering info for the home video available here.

3/03 - Kaleidoscope at the Berkeley Folk Festival, 7/67

Previously unseen amateur photos of the Kaleidoscope performance, along with a rare recording taken from the public TV/radio broadcast of the event. Here.

3/03 - David Lindley Audio Interview

An interview with David about his new album, Twango Bango III . Part of the ASCAP Audio Portraits series. (Real Player required.) Here.

1/03 - Kaleidoscope Rarities

Some hard-to-find tracks. (Real Player required.) Here.

1/03 New Studio Album from David Lindley & Wally Ingram

Just out. Available at gigs or from David's homepage. Sound clips & ordering info available here.

11/02 - Mad Mountain Ramblers Live at Disneyland

Rare 1964 recordings of Darrow & Lindley's early string band, live from Frontierland. (Real Player required.) Here.

10/02 "Greetings from Kartoonistan"

Steve Cahill's photos from the 1990 reunion album sessions, along with two sound clips & commentary by Chris Darrow & Stu Brotman. Here.

10/02 "Confessions of a Mad Mountain Rambler"

Reprint of an interview with David Lindley that first appeared in Omaha Rainbow, March 1977. Here.

10/02 "Kaleidoscope" - the ZigZag Article

From 1976, Part One of the unsurpassed 3-part piece on the band by Mac Garry & Pete Frame. Here.

10/02 "If the Night" by The Floggs

In January 2003 Taxim will release recordings by Chris Darrow's pre-Kaleidoscope rock band, The Floggs. Here is a sample, the tune that later made its way onto Side Trips.

9/02 "Sounds" - The Dry City Scat Band EP

Kaleidoscope pre-history. Two tracks from the almost impossible-to-find limited edition EP. (Real Player required.) Here.

9/02 Chris Darrow Solo Albums Re-Released

Taxim Records has just re-released Chris' two early Seventies UA solo albums, Chris Darrow and Under My Own Disguise. Click on either album title for track listings, sound clips & ordering info.

8/02 Chester Crill's Comix Connection

Because he never worked under his own name, it's relatively little known that Chester wrote for some of the outstanding underground comics of the Seventies. Chester shares some memories here.

8/02 David Lindley: String Magician

A remarkable 1979 interview reprinted from Comstock Lode magazine. Here.

8/02 Chris Darrow Interview

A wide-ranging interview with Giulio Bordin just published on the Italian site Live Rock. Read it here.

8/02 David Lindley's Instruments - Online Now

The Instruments section on David's homepage is up, featuring photos of 28 specimens from his exotic collection. Available here.

7/02 Alex Shackelford: Pulsating Dream Exclusive

An interview with the writer of "I Found Out," the classic opening song of A Beacon from Mars. Read it here.

7/02 Kim Fowley: Pulsating Dream Exclusive

Kim, who needs no introduction to anyone with a reasonably-good grasp of pop music over the last forty years or so, talks about the Inland Empire & the music that emanates from it. Read it here.