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Mad Mountain Ramblers - Live at Disneyland

The Mad Mountain Ramblers: l-r Bob Warford, Chris Darrow, David Lindley, Steve Cahill

In the early Sixties one of the best steady gigs a young LA bluegrass band could aspire to was in Frontierland at Disneyland. The Mad Mountain Ramblers had it for a time. Chris Darrow remembers:

"We were managed by a guy called Tom Campbell, who wrote 'Darcy Farrow'. He was also head of booking entertainment at Disneyland…. and he was hiring all sorts of interesting people – including us. Disneyland was really great around that time… you had people like John McEuen from the Dirt Band, working in the music shop, Steve Martin was working in the magic shop, Denny Brooks was working at Coke Corner, and also compering the concerts of hootenannies, as they called them."

Bob Warford's girlfriend of the time recorded some of these shows & Pulsating Dream is happy to make excerpts from these tapes available for the first time. The performances may lack the machine-tooled precision some people expect from bluegrass, but the Ramblers never considered themselves a "bluegrass" group in that sense; they modelled themselves more on the old-timey vibe of the New Lost City Ramblers.

Yes, that is the whistle of the steamboat Mark Twain you hear in the background.

Many thanks to Steve Cahill for the recordings & to Doc Muir for digitizing them. To listen, a Real Player is required.

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