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Some Kaleidoscope Rarities
Midnight in Moscow

Previously unissued, this bit of hot jazz was recorded during the sessions for the Side Trips album.

Thanks to Alec Palao.

Little Orphan Nannie

"Little Orphan Nannie" was the flipside of the '67 single "Why Try." Mysteriously, this lovely slice of sixties goofiness, written by Chester Crill & Chris Darrow, has never been included on any of the Kaleidoscope reissues.

Just a Taste

This B side to the '68 single "Hello Trouble" employed, to these ears, quite exotic instrumentation, but such is not the case, reports Stu Brotman:

"I just listened to 'Just A Taste.' I don't hear much out of the ordinary. Guitars, grand piano, drums. I recall that we set up our amps in the studio and ran them through mics. The fuzz bass was my regular bass at the time, a short scale Gibson, played through a split cable, one jack plugged directly into one Standel twin-15" amp, and one jack into a custom Benson fuzz box plugged into another Standel."

To listen to these tunes, a Real Player is required.

Thanks to Paul Moews of Technicolor Web of Sound. Thanks also to Stu Brotman for the clarification. Photograph courtesy of Steve Cahill.