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A Kaleidoscope Discography

"Sounds" - The Dry City Scat Band EP

A bit of Kaleidoscope pre-history. Two tracks from the group's almost impossible-to-find limited edition EP.

"If the Night" - The Floggs

From the upcoming Taxim release, a clip from Chris Darrow's pre-Kaleidoscope band, the Floggs.

"Kaleidoscope" - the ZigZag Article Part One

Beginning with Number 58 (3/76), ZigZag published a three-part article on Kaleidoscope by Mac Garry & Pete Frame which, while in places preferring the mythical to the factual, in most ways remains unsurpassed as the most wide-ranging & sympathetic account of the band ever published.

"Kaleidoscope" - the ZigZag Article Part Two

"Kaleidoscope" - the ZigZag Article Part Three

"Confessions of a Mad Mountain Rambler"

Reprint of an interview with David Lindley that first appeared in Omaha Rainbow, March 1977.

David Lindley: String Magician

An interview reprinted from the British magazine Comstock Lode (1979).

Of Side Trips and Signals from Mars - the Kaleidoscope Story

A two-part band biography reprinted from Ptolemaic Terrascope (1991).

"We Dig It" - Kaleidoscope in Hullabaloo Magazine

from 11/67, this profile may or may not be the first national print exposure the group ever received.

The Kaleidoscope - Best Rock Musicians

an interview with David Lindley & Paul Lagos reprinted from Hit Parader (2/70)

Caught in the Act

Reprinted from the 9/19/68 issue of Down Beat, a review of a Kaleidoscope performance at the Carousel Ballroom in San Francisco, 5/68.

Faren Miller Journals

Remarkable accounts of two Kaleidoscope performances (one in '67, one in '68) from a very perceptive Oakland, CA teenager.

Kaleidoscope LA Live Dates 1967-69

compiled by Bill Wasserzieher

Kaleidoscope Gigs

from Chester Crill's archives, an (almost) complete list of every venue the band ever played.

Avalon  Ballroom Posters & Handbills

Courtesy, Chester Crill archives.