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"We Dig It" - Kaleidoscope in Hullabaloo Magazine


article (click for larger view)

Welcome to November, 1967, when a profile of Kaleidoscope could appear in a magazine with Peter Tork on its cover. The following may or may not be the first national print exposure the band ever received.

Many thanks to Jeff Watt for the passing on the article & the scan.

Back from the West Coast comes our man, raving about the Kaleidoscope, an exciting new fivesome who play every kind of rock music from old-time blues to the minor-keyed music of Greece and Turkey. Their debut album is called Side Trips (Epic), but it all sounds like it’s on the right track to us. We dig it.

The Kaleidoscope are:

David Perry Lindley: Banjo, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, harp-guitar, and seven-string banjo. Born Los Angeles 1944. “I organized the group in late September, 1966. My ambition is to be able to play any note or tone that enters my head on the instrument I choose… and to find out that when it’s all over and I’m dead, I can rest.”

David Solomon Feldthouse: Saz, bouzoukee, dobro, vina, doumbeg, dulcimer, fiddle, and 12-string guitar. Born Ismit, Turkey. The laconic member of the group, his favorite composers are the gypsies. His hobbies are “women and music.”

Fenrus Epp: Born in Oklahoma City, but raised “around.” Plays violin, viola, bass, piano, organ, and harmonica. Subscribes to 30 comic books. Believes that “99 and 99-100ths per cent of what is written about music is ego.”

Christopher Lloyd Darrows [sic]: Born Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 1944. Plays bass, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, autoharp, harmonica, and clarinet. At the moment, is teaching school, attending school, curating at a museum, writing songs, and spending time with his family. “I wish I had more time!”

John Vidican: Percussionist. Born Hollywood. Likes “food, women, beautiful antique things, hippie junk” and dislikes “money and too many people.” His hobbies include electronics, photography, art, and books.”